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Norway is surrounded by vast oceans and has built its culture around harnessing the natural resources to hand. Our location in northern Europe, close to the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea, means we have a plentiful seafood stock to harvest from.

Welcome to Norway - A Seafood Nation

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토지 질량 대(對) 해역

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수산물 수출국

Location matters

Our seas define us

We have relied on the sea for centuries, and we consider our relationship with it symbolic. This sense of partnership has led to an enormous degree of respect, and we treat the waters around our home with utmost care.

Fishery protection zone

The Fishery Protection Zone around Svalbard extends 200 nautical miles from its coastline. Within the zone, which was established in 1977, fisheries regulation is non-discriminatory and is in part based on the state’s traditional fishing in the area.

Norwegian Economic Zone

The Norwegian Economic Zone extends 200 nautical miles from our coastline and was established in 1976. In accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Norway has sovereign rights to all research, exploitation and management of resources within this zone.

Jan Mayen Fisheries Zone

The Fishery Protection Zone around Jan Mayen Island extends 200 nautical miles from the island, except where it encounters the fishery protection zones established by Iceland and Greenland. This zone is not a full economic zone, but is limited to fisheries.

Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea

The Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea are among the most productive and clean sea areas in the world. Norway has a sea area of 101,000km2 within its baseline.

Coasts of Lofoten and Vesterålen

The coasts of Lofoten and Vesterålen serve as the main winter spawning grounds for skrei, which every year swim thousands of kilometres from their feeding areas in the Barents Sea.
Map showing Svalbard
Map showing the Norwegian sea and the North sea
Map showing the Jan-Mayen fishery protection zone
Large map showing the Norwegian sea and the Barents sea
Map showing the Barents sea and the Norwegian sea

The importance of climate

Norway is cold. Very cold. But while this may create some challenges for humans, our fish thrive. The climate is also favourable for the processing of raw materials. Stockfish and clipfish, which are among our oldest and biggest exports, are the result of the optimal weather conditions in northern and western Norway.

Drying rack with fish