Our fishing culture

It is not known when the story of Norway's fisheries started, but the Norwegian fisherman has existed as long as there has been life along the coast of Norway.

The coast has shaped the character of the Norwegian people. As many as 90 % of the inhabitants of this extended country with its rough weather conditions and long winters live on the coast, and for the fishermen their life has been a struggle between the weather and the humans.  As the Norwegians say, “The sea gives and the sea takes”. They have always had to struggle with the sea to reap its harvest.

This sparse settlement and the tough conditions have also contributed to the formation of the national character of Norwegians. The larger towns are becoming increasingly dominant up and down the country, but many of the rural values have survived the transference to the towns.

At first glance, Norwegians may be perceived as shy or reserved. But this apparently indifferent facade may hide warm and sincere people who value ethics, honesty and generosity more than anything else. The more lighthearted side of their character comes to the fore on 17th of May, Norway's Constitution Day, when the entire nation dresses up in red, white and blue and celebrate their beloved country.

Infographic five men
5.2 Million

The population of Norway.

Infographic: a big and a small man. Text: 1.0 0.8 man-years
0.8 Man-years

Each man-year of work in core activities in Norwegian fisheries creates 0.8 man-years of work in other sectors of Norwegian commerce.

Infographic showing money bag with the number 3.5
3.5 NOK

Every NOK of value generated by Norwegian fisheries generates 3.5 NOK in other sectors.

Measuring social impact

It's vital that the success of sustainable Norwegian seafood is not only assessed in terms of profit, but also in its benefit to people and the planet. Research has shown that growth within the fishing and aquaculture sector delivers increased labour and income for a much wider community.

Source Sintef, https://www.sintef.no/en/

Graph showing the social impact of the Norwegian seafood industry

Benefitting the wider economy

Employment levels and gross national product (GNP) both reflect on the Norwegian seafood industry. According to SINTEF, the industry created nearly 42,000 more labour years in 2009, and more than 18,000 of these were as a consequence of the multiplier effect.

Source: NSC Market Report, 2013

Fisherman looking out of his wheel house

In an industry worth NOK 111 billion in production, NOK 41 billion is generated in support industries ranging from transport to housing and healthcare.

Protecting our industry

Norway is a small, but proud country in the extreme north of the world. The stubbornness, spirit and passion of the people have put the country in one of the top positions within maritime industries. Oil and gas, shipping and fisheries are today cornerstones of Norwegian society – all due to the riches of the sea and the entrepreneurial spirit of Norwegians.

Fishery in Norway is a question of survival. Fishery is craftsmanship. Fishery is living in harmony with nature. Fishery in Norway equals developing new technologies. Fishery in Norway is to always to be looking ahead.